Unlock Your Program’s True Value with Our Pricing Strategy Quiz

You’ve transformed your expertise into a program idea. You’re ready to share your knowledge and make an impact. There’s just one hurdle left: pricing. If you’re like many brilliant women transitioning from industry expertise to coaching, setting the right price for your program can feel like navigating with no compass. How do you put a price on transformative knowledge? That’s where our Pricing Strategy Quiz comes in, designed to guide you in valuing your program appropriately and confidently.

The Pricing Paradox: Expertise vs. Industry Standards

Many women find themselves at a crossroads when transitioning their deep industry knowledge & wisdom into a program. The dilemma often lies in the difference between standard industry pricing models and the unique value of personalized, expert-led learning experiences. While industry prices for services or products may provide a baseline, they often fall short of reflecting the TRUE transformative potential and personalized nature of your program. Let’s face it- you’ve invested a lot for you to be here.

Why Pricing Your Program Correctly Matters

  1. Reflects Your Program’s Value: Your price should mirror the transformation your students will receive, not just the content you provide. It’s about the outcome, not just the input. Remember transformations have byproducts too (like those medicine commercials; you may experience happiness, joy, great relationships etc).
  2. Ensures Sustainability: Correctly pricing your program isn’t just about profit; it’s about creating a sustainable (and scalable) business model that allows you to continue making an impact.
  3. Sets Students Expectations: Price influences perception. A well-priced program communicates value, seriousness, and commitment, both from you and your students.

Introducing the Pricing Strategy Quiz

Our Pricing Strategy Quiz is designed to demystify the process of setting the right price for your program. It takes into account not just your content, but the broader impact of your expertise. Here’s how it helps:

Tailored Insights: Based on your responses, the quiz offers personalized insights into pricing strategies that align with your program’s value and your business goals.

Competitive Analysis: Understand how to position your program in the market, ensuring your pricing reflects your unique offering while staying competitive.

Confidence in Value: The quiz helps you break down the value you offer, giving you the confidence to price your program in a way that reflects its true worth.

Taking the Leap: Why Now?

“America’s online learning industry will be worth $687 billion by 2030”

(Global Industry Analysts Inc.)

Empowerment Through Knowledge: Understanding your worth and the value of your program is empowering. It’s an essential step in transitioning from industry expert to successful AND confident coach.

Market Readiness: The digital learning space is booming, and there’s never been a better time to launch your program. Correct pricing ensures you enter the market strong.

Building a Legacy: Your program has the potential to change lives. Pricing it correctly ensures that it reaches the right participants and creates the impact you envision.

Ready to Discover Your Program’s True Worth?

Taking our Pricing Strategy Quiz is more than an exercise in setting numbers. It’s about embracing the value of your knowledge and ensuring your program not only launches but thrives and transforms. Whether you’re stepping into the world of digital courses for the first time or looking to optimize your existing offerings, understanding how to price your program is a pivotal step towards success.

Don’t let uncertainty around pricing hold you back from making an impact. Don’t under price either. Take the quiz today and unlock the true value of your program. It’s time to price with confidence, empower your participants, and create a legacy of knowledge and transformation.

Remember, the value you provide is unique to you and to those you’re meant to lead. Let’s ensure your pricing strategy reflects that. Start the quiz now and take the first step towards a thriving educational program.


What's The Perfect Pricing Strategy for Your Coaching Program?

Chris M. James

A former government worker turned speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, Chris is a Program Creation Specialist for 6-figure women eager to change lives by teaching the secrets of their industry success.

She loves helping visionary women overcome the strategic, operational, and mindset challenges that are holding them back from building a thriving, sustainable coaching business!

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