Going from “In” the Business to Coaching “On” the Business: Navigating the New Without Losing “You”

You’re ready to to start making an impact from your expertise. You’ve  been killing it it in your industry, becoming the go-to source of wisdom and expertise. You’re the one everyone turns to when they need answers. But now, you’re on the brink of something new, something big… and, let’s be honest, kinda scary. You’re about to dive headfirst into the entrepreneurial pool, ready to share your knowledge through a program or course. And suddenly, you’re feeling a bit like a fish out of water, huh?

Welcome to the club!

The “What the Heck Am I Doing?” Phase

Remember the first day of your very first job? That mix of excitement and “Can I really do this?” That’s you, right now. And it’s totally normal. You’re stepping into the world of leads, program outcomes, and a bunch of other terms that sound like a foreign language. It’s like you’re back in high school Biology class, except this time, your grades are measured in conversions and engagement rates.

But here’s the kicker: You’re not starting from the bottom. Nope. You’re in what I like to call the “infancy stage.” It’s messy, confusing, and you might bump into a few things. But it’s also where the magic happens. It’s where you’re brewing your next big move, and trust me, it’s going to be amazing (in my Oprah voice)!!!

The Mindset Shift: You’re a Visionary, Remember?

Here’s the deal: You’ve got to shift that mindset. You’re not losing your expertise; you’re channeling it into something that’s going to change lives, including yours. You’re not starting over; you’re expanding. It’s not a step back; it’s a quantum leap forward. You are in a “lateral transfer”

And yeah, it’s uncomfortable. But that feeling is temporary.


Why You Need a Co-Pilot

I get it. This journey feels like you’re charting unknown territories without a map. But guess what? You don’t have to go it alone. Imagine having a co-pilot, someone who’s navigated these waters and knows all the best routes (and where the pirates are hiding). That’s where I come in — your Program Creation Specialist, your guide, your strategist, and your biggest cheerleader.

  • From Vision to Launch: You bring your brilliant ideas, and together, we’ll craft them into a program that’s not just good, but life-changing.
  • Strategic Planning: We’ll map out everything from your ideal audience to your launch strategy, making sure every piece is aligned with your vision.
  • Implementation: With me in your corner, you can focus on your strengths — your knowledge and passion — while I handle the nitty-gritty of bringing your program to life.

Ready to Make Some Magic Happen?

Let’s be real: The world needs what you’ve got. Your insights, your experiences, your wisdom — it’s all gold, and it’s time to share that wealth.

Feeling that flicker of excitement? That’s your inner visionary waking up. So let’s chat. Book a call with me, and together, we’ll turn your program idea to a reality. You’re not just starting a program; you’re igniting a movement. And I’m here for it, every step of the way.

It’s time to create something extraordinary.


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Chris M. James

A former government worker turned speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, Chris is a Program Creation Specialist for 6-figure women eager to change lives by teaching the secrets of their industry success.

She loves helping visionary women overcome the strategic, operational, and mindset challenges that are holding them back from building a thriving, sustainable coaching business!

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