Online coaching is NOT oversaturated [Getting Started in 2024]

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In a world that is becoming more and more digital, especially during, and after, COVID, the online coaching industry has seen an unprecedented boom. Yet, this surge has left many aspiring coaches confused – worried about an “oversaturated” market, not sure where to begin, and doubting their potential impact.


If you’re already a leader in your field, the thought of stepping beyond your established success, and into the unknown world of online coaching might seem so overwhelming or causing you to keeping putting this off, but here’s what you need to know – your expertise is exactly what the digital world is craving. Let’s get into why, and how you can get started today.

5 Reasons Why the Online Coaching Market is NOT Oversaturated 

    1.  Growing Demand for Experts

The growth in the market isn’t just about more coaches stepping into the arena; it’s about the increase in people eagerly seeking guidance and opportunities to learn and grow. Online coaching merges the benefits of time and cost efficiency with the personal touch of expert guidance. Your specialized knowledge fits perfectly within this demand.

  1. Change your Perspective

When I first began my career (then transition to going to college), I was going to college to become a dentist. There was no one saying to me “We have too many dentists!”. There are approx. 200,000 dentists in the US, while there are only ~100,000 online coaches. When you consider the demand, this isn’t a big number at all, and doesn’t even take into account coaches for different industries!

I have worked with coaches in multiple industries, from therapists to authors and beyond. Don’t worry too much about if there are “too many”, and instead focus on how you can stand out from others. (Top tip, the biggest trick for this is having a very specific niche. When you’re already established in your industry, this is much, much easier to achieve).

  1. Oversaturated, or Just Evolving?

Throughout time, cultures, and industries, we have seen so many variations of “coaching”. Senseis, guides, instructors, gurus, tutors, teachers, trainers… This is not a new concept, just a different way of delivering it. In the same way that your knowledge and expertise aren’t new, coaching simply allows you to grow and adapt the way you share it.

  1. Your Voice Matters

In your industry, you’re not just another professional; you’re the visionary others look up to. The same applies to online coaching – you will not be “another coach”, you will be extending your influence, sharing your insights and strategies with peers worldwide. You’re exactly what they are looking for.

  1. The Power of Specialization

Niching down isn’t limiting; it’s liberating. By focusing on a highly specific audience – like a client of mine who coaches parenthood therapists, instead of a broad category of therapists – you can tailor your message and solutions, making your coaching deeply relevant and sought-after to the audience and purpose you really want to serve.

How you Can Get Started – TODAY

Now we can see that coaching isn’t oversaturated, you just need to deliver it in a way that works for you and your audience, let’s look at how you get started.

{ I’ve listed 5 quick steps to help you today, but I’ve also created some free guides with even more information, including a checklist to take you from idea to launched, and a content workbook to help you plan everything out. Claim your free copies to get started. }

  1. Ideate: Understand your “what must be done to solve this problem,” define your target audience, and crystalize how you’ll bridge the gap between their needs and your offerings.
  2. Plan: Craft a detailed program outline, design engaging modules, and prepare impactful content that resonates with your audience.
  3. Tech: Select the right platforms for course delivery, sales, and marketing. Automate processes to enhance efficiency and focus on what you do best: coaching.
  4. Pricing: Make a note of the cost of programs, software, and staff you are using, the time it takes for you to plan, and deliver your program, and the quality and outcome of your coaching to set your rates.
  5. Marketing: Develop a robust marketing strategy to promote your program. Utilize engaging content to showcase your expertise and attract participants.

Why Wait?

Now’s the perfect moment to embark on your online coaching journey. The industry is only growing, and you can bring unique value and expertise to the table.

Untap your potential, become a leader in your field, and transform lives.

Interested in personalized guidance? I’m here to help ambitious businesswomen like you launch and fill their online coaching programs. Book a free 15-minute call to explore how I can help you, too.


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Chris M. James

A former government worker turned speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, Chris is a Program Creation Specialist for 6-figure women eager to change lives by teaching the secrets of their industry success.

She loves helping visionary women overcome the strategic, operational, and mindset challenges that are holding them back from building a thriving, sustainable coaching business!

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